About the hospital

Threr are work  692 persons, including 65 doctors, 314 nurse practitioners, 171 medical attendants work in Ivye central regional hospital. From 2007 for 2010 the sphere of health care of the area  are toped up with 32 young specialists.

Medical institutions of the area are provided enough with medical equipment, tools, medicines. The mobile X-ray fluorographic office of "Pulmoexpress", ultrasonography and the laboratory and diagnostic equipment are acquired. In 2010 the device "Pulmaskan-760" is acquired.

In 2004-2005 policlinic of Ivye CDH was repaired , the dual-slop roof on buildings of a hospital and  policlinic of CDH was built. In 2006 was reconstruction of the reanimation department and the operational block .  The repair of the reception and emergency department of Ivye CDH is completed in 2007. In 2010 repair of therapeutic department of  Ivye CDH was completed, the resuscitation department and the resuscitation block are repaired. The Yuratishkov urban district  hospital on 20 beds was put into service.

The main objectives of Ivye central regional hospital are:

  • ensuring high-quality available medical care to the population at all stages and divisions of  "Ivye CDH''
  • security of ensuring the established size of free medical care;
  • preventive orientation of health care and formation of a healthy lifestyle of the population,
  • ensuring priority development of security service of motherhood
  • further improvement of the medico-social help to elderly people, widespread introduction of inpatient replacing technologies.

Medical help for the population of the area is given:

  • Ivye central regional hospital with a power of 216 beds;
  • Yuratishko urban district  hospital with a power of 20 beds;
  • rural local hospital (of Bakshta) with a power of 10 beds;
  • Trabsky hospital of sisterly leaving with a power of 20 beds;
  • Bobrovichsky hospital of sisterly leaving with a power of 20 beds;
  • 6 medical out-patient clinics (Geranensky out-patient clinic of the general practitioner on 20 visits for alternation, Eygerdovsky out-patient clinic of the general practitioner on 40 visits for alternation, Bobrovichsky medical out-patient clinic on 17 visits for alternation, Lipnishkovsky medical out-patient clinic on 22 visits for alternation, Trabsky medical out-patient clinic on 18 visits for alternation, Subbotniksky medical out-patient clinic on 15 visits for alternation);
  • 21 medical assistant's and obstetric points (Barovsky, Braginsky, Galimshchansky, Daylidsky, Dovnarsky, Zhemyslavlsky, Kladniksky, Knyazikovsky, Kovsharsky, Kudeyshinsky, Krivichsky, Lezhnevichsky, Lelyukinsky, Lukashinsky, Morinsky, Nekrashansky, Novoselkovsky, Starchenyatsky, Surazhsky, Chapunsky, Yuratishkovsky).

In 2011 repair of the second post of surgical department was made, repair of pediatric department was begun. In March, 2012 reconstruction of the nutrition department of CDH was completed.